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SEO-Agency-TacomaHere are some sobering social media facts you may not know. Knowing these social media facts can help your business gain more customers. Today’s economy isn’t getting easier. Arm yourself with the facts and strategies needed to survive.

  • One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook
  • People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  • Each Facebook user spends about 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on Facebook
  • More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook
  • YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month, as of February 2011 YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month

If you want to learn more jump over to Social media marketing isn’t going away. Learn how to use it to your advantage through Tacoma SEO Company. Our social media team will show you how to get more qualified buyers with social media marketing. Our social media marketing cuts through the clutter of social media marketing. You’ll learn how to properly use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social media machines.


SEO Agency Seattle

SEO-Agency-SeattleLinks, links, links. Have you tried combining social media marketing with video? Consumers don’t want empty content. They’re looking for messages that will give them what they want. Use social media along with video. We can create messages linked to videos of your products and services. Qualified buyers won’t waste time wading through meaningless messages. Instead they’ll get visual information educating them on your product or service. This allows you to grow your client base and potentially make more money. Harness the power and profit of social media marketing and video today.

  • Gives prospects visual demonstrations of products and services
  • Provides prospects with meaningful messages they can act on
  • Drives qualified buyers to make faster buying decisions
  • Saves customers and prospects time and energy
  • Allows you to make special offers
  • Targets your marketing more carefully

Local SEO Tacoma & Seattle

Local-SEO-Tacoma-and-SeattleThere are social media marketing tactics you can’t use. Knowing this will save you time and money. First, never lie about what your product or service does. Once people find out the truth it’s over. Word spreads fast with social media. Protect your brand with our Social media marketing tactics. Tacoma SEO Company uses honest and effective social media marketing tactics. We learn everything we can about your business. We carefully share this information using benefit-rich posts. We can do this for you or train your staff on how to do it. You’ll get social media tactics to drive in more customers. Don’t ignore social media marketing. You may end up losing more customers and profits in the end.

  • Honest and ethical social media tactics
  • Builds trust with qualified buyers and customers
  • Establishes a good reputation within your community
  • Seasonal and year-round social media posts
  • Allows you to discover who your best buyers are

Get the qualified buyers you need today. Contact Tacoma SEO Company for your free marketing consultation.